The Hedgehog & The Fox

The Fox knows many things, and the Hedgehog knows one big thing. Presented in a 1953 book of the same titleThe Hedgehog and The Fox defines a survival strategy. The Fox has many tactical skills, is clever at getting unstuck, and can figure out how to make things happen through adaptability. The Hedgehog has a conviction on one uniting idea, which can rally others and provide purpose, clarity, and direction in an ambiguous world.

What’s the point? Successful people, businesses, and movements fall into both categories. Hedgehogs include Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Wendy’s, while Foxes include Shakespeare, Grace Hopper, Benjamin Franklin, and McDonald’s. There’s no correct answer from this evidence (which I suppose is a Fox perspective), but it’s valuable for understanding oneself. Binary classifications are inherently broken, as they offer little room for nuance, but atomic philosophies like this can shape one’s thoughts and actions if one permits. If nothing else, it’s a conversational centerpiece for your next dinner party.