Luck Surface Area

Leprechauns Patricia and Patrick collect lucky objects, such as rabbit’s feet and four-leaf clovers. But their approaches are wildly different. Patricia is a hard worker—spending 17 hours per day scouring fields for a four-leaf clover. She’s regimented, but she’s too busy to tell anyone about it. A friend could’ve pointed her to a quiet meadow teeming in four-leaf clovers. Patrick, however, won’t shut up about his project. He tells all his friends, informs strangers at the pub, and cold-calls horseshoe manufacturers around the globe. A helpful hunter once gave Patrick a special unicorn lasso, but Patrick’s been too lazy to use it.

Neither Patricia nor Patrick find success in collecting lucky objects.

They need to expand their Luck Surface Area. Any success involves some degree of luck, but it’s possible to unlock more luck. Consider this formula:

Luck = Doing x Telling

Patricia does a lot, but her effort is ultimately fruitless.

Patrick talks a lot, but he’s not putting in the effort, so nothing happens.

Are you giving yourself new experiences or socializing with new people? Without casting a net, you have no way for luck to find you.