May 2016

2 June 2016

This month’s video features large millipedes, geese, and a heron slowly squeezing the air out of a pufferfish. I had mixed thoughts on the latter matter. First, I felt bad for the suffocating pufferfish. Second, I conceded that this was merely nature. Third, I thought pufferfish excreted a poison and that maybe the heron was being paralyzed because of it. Fourth, the third made me feel bad for the ignorant heron. Fifth, the third made me grin at the cruel irony. It was the perfect lose-lose situation.


That experience occurred while on an extended weekend trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida. A friend and I saw a pod of dolphins swimming near the shore and a shark beneath us while parasailing. The rest of May was spent using my library card, working, and buying then selling boxing equipment that was too loud to have in my apartment. My parents and sister visited over Memorial Weekend, and we got to spent a good deal of time hiking around the area’s various parks.


May the month be remembered for these things.