November 2017

8 December 2017

Naked trees. Dark evenings. Dead turkeys.


It was a hollow November for me, as I did not participate in NaNoWriMo. I’ve started too many writing projects and need to finish my current novel before embarking on something else. Perhaps NaNoWriMo has fulfilled its purpose for me? Generating words and sticking to a schedule is no longer a problem. Refinement is the challenge. Taking a fine-toothed comb to existing work, making it good and sensible. To improve in 2018.


This month, I went mountain biking more. It’s fun because I have no goals attached to it. I ride and don’t overthink it. It calms my monkey mind and makes me focus. And that’s all the thought I’ll give it.


For Thanksgiving, I drove 12 hours to Michigan and 12 hours back to South Carolina. My thought was to avoid airline expenses. After the Jeep’s gas guzzling and the time and sanity spent on the drive, the cost was little different. As much as I like driving and podcasts, 24 hours of it in a few days time is silly when it’s not my profession. I’ll do it again for Christmas, as I need a sleigh for the gifts I’ll bring. And that’ll be the end of it.


December is here. It’s busy. It’s fun. And I’ve decided to jump the gun on my resolutions. To make habits stick, I’m applying the principle of the “baker’s dozen.” Giving myself this early, extra month gets me prepared and disciplined. When the new year begins, I’ll have the credibility to match my newfound motivation and won’t dwindle come February. That’s my hypothesis.