October 2016

15 November 2016

Alligators really like marshmallows and chicken necks. Feeding wild gators was the perfect start to a month of tourism. A handful of friends and acquaintances visited New Orleans as well, which gave me an excuse to experience the gamut of local activities–air boat rides through the bayou, a tour of Oak Alley Plantation, and stops at famous greasy spoons. Amidst the bits of local tourism, I had a few work-related trips: a day in Greenville and a half-week in Detroit for ScrumMaster certification. While back, I visited Grand Rapids with my parents and East Lansing to see my sister. Speaking of Michigan, my absentee vote retrospectively mattered this election.


After returning to New Orleans, I bought a watch and a mountain bike. I now spend much less time checking my phone without recalling the time. The analog face forces my mind to do a small translation, thus making me react to the time as opposed to just getting distracted with app notifications. Also, being a flat and relatively small city, New Orleans is a bike-friendly place that enables me to have a backup form of transportation. This is useful, given the current condition of my truck.


I also explored the other side of Pontchartrain. After a marathon-long bridge, Fountainebleau State Park offered a remarkable sunset beach amidst cypress pines. I also found the remnants of the illegal Pikachu statue that sat in Garden District during late summer. Drawn in the concrete base was a QR code and #pokegone.