New Math

I’m forever surprised by the strength of imprints. Despite overwhelming evidence that says otherwise, sugary breakfast cereals never feel unhealthy. This bias makes us hesitant to new ways of learning, doing, and thinking. Consider basic math. I learned to add 156+249 like this: “New math” suggests this method: I struggled with math as a kid, but this […]


Writing is more than words. It’s how we present words. Whitespace is a neglected element—not a passive background but an active ingredient for expressing a thought. Adding space to writing gives readers breathing room and makes content more palatable. Whether writing articles, emails, or text messages, whitespace provides clarity. Four ways to use whitespace: Variable […]

The road to hell is sloppily paved in adverbs

Words are alchemy. They transfer abstract thought from your head to another head and can change the material world. Clear writing makes that alchemy more effective and you, the alchemist, more interesting. To make your writing clear: Cut adverbs. Adverbs describe verbs (i.e., quickly, loosely, happily), so beware words ending in -ly. They’re a crutch […]