Turtle's Pace

On Thursdays, I write about clear thinking and the creative process. Whether it’s a mental model I’ve found or a concept I’ve been pondering, I’ll make it interesting (or doodle bad enough to make you laugh).

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Bodyweight Fit

You don't need a gym membership, equipment, or instructors to get fit. All you need is your body. Like any habit, exercise requires consistency. This app removes the guesswork so you can get and stay fit.

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U.S. Highpoint Guide

"Highpointing" is the act of climbing to the highest geographic point in a region. This guide is built for people interested in climbing to the highest point of U.S. states.

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Video of the Day

Since 2022, I've been recording 1-second daily videos of my life. Each year, I compile these 365 (or 366) seconds into a single video.

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Fiction Writing

I occasionally write fiction and have been trying my hand at short stories.

Read my latest science fiction story in Blue Mesa Review.


Since 2013, I've been climbing to the highest point of U.S. states. It's been a great way to see less traveled corners of America and has given me the opportunity to visit beautiful deserts, glaciers, and forests.

As of 2022, I've summitted 42 out of 50 states.