Cartoon Image of Justin Andersun

May 2016

2 June 2016

This month’s video features large millipedes, geese, and a heron slowly squeezing the air out of a pufferfish. I had mixed thoughts on the latter matter. First, I felt bad for the suffocating pufferfish. Second, I conceded that this was merely nature. Third, I thought pufferfish excreted a poison and that maybe the heron was being paralyzed because of it. Fourth, the third made me feel bad for the ignorant heron. Fifth, the third made me grin at the cruel irony. It was the perfect lose-lose situation.


That experience occurred while on an extended weekend trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida. A friend and I saw a pod of dolphins swimming near the shore and a shark beneath us while parasailing. The rest of May was spent using my library card, working, and buying then selling boxing equipment that was too loud to have in my apartment. My parents and sister visited over Memorial Weekend, and we got to spent a good deal of time hiking around the area’s various parks.


May the month be remembered for these things.


Dash Dash Fever

6 May 2016

I tend to use – – because I struggle to select the appropriate punctuation. Commas are tricky, since they are so often overused or spliced. Semicolons are even trickier; I often misplace them. Colons, though, are beyond sexy: just look at this statement. Yet my dashes are more conversational – – inviting a new thought in the midst of another – – freeing me from the constraints of proper punctuation.

April 2016

2 May 2016

There were few showers, but there are now many flowers. This April, I explored several state parks around Greenville and found a handful of waterfalls. I had the pleasure of navigating the South Carolina DMV to legalize my motorcycle. Despite the complicated process of crossing streets to pay taxes and register a plate, I use the word “pleasure” without sarcasm–the DMV workers were exceptionally helpful. A pleasant surprise indeed. Also, I spent my 23rd birthday with a friend in Durham, NC promoting Ugly Sapling at Zine Machine. And aging somehow bettered my eyesight. According to the eye doctor, my vision improved by .25 points, likely due to less eye strain–now being out of school and on a somewhat consistent sleep schedule. This is more likely due to my incessant gnawing on carrots. Anyway, the month concluded with a 5K color run. For the record, the dyed corn starch is worth a lick. Or two.


March 2016

2 April 2016

This month, I experienced springtime in South Carolina. It was reminiscent of childhood spring breaks to Myrtle Beach–new experiences and temperatures that can’t be felt. During the month, a friend who had exposed me to House of Cards visited and accompanied me to Gaffney’s Peachoid. We, too, were surprised at its existence. At Greenville Tech, I took and passed a motorcycle safety course. On the final day of March, I bought a 2009 250 CC Honda Rebel on Craigslist.  Until I acquire insurance, registration, and a license; I will live up to the model name.


February 2016

1 March 2016

Another month has passed. We all know that 2016 isn’t getting any younger, but I’m surprised it’s already March. February was an interesting month for me, as I transitioned into a new work assignment in Greenville, South Carolina. Moving south in mid-winter is a dream to many; and although it was never one for me, the change of pace has been nice. It was a bit short-lived, as the last week of February was spent back in New York. But I’ve now returned to my new routine, much of which was depicted in the following video:


January 2016

10 February 2016

This year I made a resolution to take daily two-second videos. At the end of each month, I’ll compile the clips into a minute movie. By the end of the year, I’ll have a twelve-minute film. The purpose of the project is self-serving: to help catalogue daily experiences and trigger smaller memories with each playback. The act of filming something each day, even if it’s only a couple seconds, challenges me to be mindful. Even if I haven’t done something “exciting,” I’ve been more in-tune with the present and my immediate surroundings. With one month down, I’m curious how the next eleven months will change my perspective.


Here’s a glimpse of my January 2016:



9 February 2016

Six months were up, just like that. I was uprooted from Schenectady, New York and transplanted to Greenville, South Carolina. Good thing I liked to move.


It was a good time of year to make the transition. Winter had been mild in New York–a bit too mild for my taste–and February supposedly offered nice weather in South Carolina. When the time came, my friend Gary–who was relocating to Atlanta–helped me load my stuff into a UHaul trailer and hit the road. It was the first time I had hauled anything with my truck, so I was glad to finally take advantage of the capability. Gary and I formed a caravan en route and communicated with walkie-talkies, making the Friday evening crawl through East Coast traffic bearable. Rather than drive straight to our apartments, we decided to make a few stops along the way. Washington D.C. to visit a friend. Charlotte, North Carolina to grab some Ikea furniture. Ebright Azimuth to summit Delaware.


Late Friday evening, I and all of my worldly possessions capped Delaware. The highest point sat alongside the road, marked by a prominent blue sigh and a wire bench. Before we clogged traffic, Gary and I snapped a picture before the sign. Like Rhode Island, Delaware’s peak was hardly a bump. The juxtaposition of the street-side summit and the previous week’s expedition to Marcy’s icy peak exemplified the true diversity of American highpoints. That’s what keeps it interesting.



Ebright Azimuth. 448 ft / 137 m. 29 January 2016.